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Canallondres.tv has been using Speed Boost since 2015.
Speed Boost has been a key tool for speeding up the loading of our pages in line with Google's requirements, good SEO practices and essential to have an increase on the number of pageviews as well as a decrease on our bounce rate.
We highly recommend it.

All the best,

Silvino Ferreira Jr -

For a website that receives several millions of monthly readers, Speed Boost is a dream come true!
I was initially apprehensive to believe an automated set-it-and-forget-it system could beat a manual configuration with regular tweaks, but this system proved me wrong almost overnight.
Speed Boost is now a permanent part of our backend, and LovePanky is way faster, can handle spikes in traffic much better, and the overall user experience has improved by leaps and bounds. If you’re looking for a quick fix to optimize and speed up your website overnight, Speed Boost is the magic pill that’ll make all the difference.
The setup is effortless, and the results, pure magic!

Vinod Srinivas
Vinod Srinivas -

Website Performance Optimization

Speed Boost is a cloud software which turns your website to load much faster than ever before. And our watch dogs monitor your website 24/365 for any downtime and performance lag.

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With Speed Boost you can

With Speed Boost you can

  • Increase your website speed
  • Enjoy more conversions than ever
  • More traffic and More user engagement
  • Better grade in Google Page Speed
  • Increase in Google Rank

Is it easy to set-up?

Heck yes, it is! In fact, it takes just a couple of minutes, and can even be done with zero technical knowhow.

Is it relatively inexpensive?

Yes it is. And the price matches just the 2 cup of coffee.

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