16 Oct 2018

How to Enable Keep Alive in WordPress | Apache | Nginx | LiteSpeed?

Before we start, let’s discuss on some basics that help you in easy understanding what keep-alive is and why do you need it. I’m certain that, once you get along with knowing the significance of keep-alive, you will enable it by default and start recommending to others as well. It is the Load time that […] Continue reading

26 Sep 2018

How to Avoid Landing Page Redirects?

Redirects are always treated as a Poor SEO practice. By redirecting your website, you are making your precious customers wait for quite a long time to display them what they love to see. Redirections not only slowly renders your website but also directly irritates your valuable customers and forces them to leave your website. You […] Continue reading

04 Sep 2018

Know about First Paint time, Contentful, Meaningful and Time to Interactive

  What is First Paint? Knowing what exactly is First Contentful Paint(FCP) First Meaningful Paint Know about Time to Interactive (TTI)   Have you ever given a thought of the basic factors that involves loading a website under the recommended time?. I’ve done a detailed analysis of the 4 basic components, which explains how the […] Continue reading

25 Jun 2018

How to use LightHouse Chrome?

  What is Chrome lighthouse ? Why do you need lighthouse app? What is the difference between Lighthouse tool vs PageSpeed Insights tool? How to install and use lighthouse chrome? A real-time case study How to interpret lighthouse report? What happens during 10 secs load time?   What is Chrome lighthouse ? In simple terms, […] Continue reading

18 Nov 2017

Why do you need to eliminate render blocking CSS, JS?

It’s painful when you see your website loading slow, though you have optimized your front-end and the server-side components using the relevant tools and practices. I know how that feels. What could possibly be the reason, then? Have you ever given any thought about fixing the render-blocking? Well, this blog will help you with certain useful tips to fix it. Before jumping in, you need to understand it. Don’t you?. In easy terms, (Eliminate–remove, Render–layout, design-display webpage, Blocking–stopping) i.e., Render blocking removal. Continue reading

18 Nov 2017

How to fix the slow Server Response Time?

Google recommends you to have a Server Response Time lesser than 200 ms. Server Response Time is simply the time taken by the web server to respond to every single request made from the web browser. Know what happens whenever a page is loaded? When a user wants to open a particular web page, a request is sent from the web browser to the server to show its entire content and this process takes some time to execute. This time taken to display a requested web page needs cumulative loading of both front-end and server-side components. Continue reading

18 Nov 2017

How slow loading websites sucks your money on Google Adwords?

Quicker sites make a quicker conversion and quicker money. Think you are investing in your ads, there are only two possibilities, you might either end in gaining money or losing it. So, what metrics your profit rate depends upon?. Revenue is mainly determined by Quality Scores, PPC ads, Adwords, Landing page, Page Speed and other metrics. There are several ways to keep your website in the top of the Google rank system and we shall be discussing that here. Know why you are losing money (no payback) even after paying Google to display your website at the top?. Continue reading